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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet Sleep, Sweet Saturday

Here's the confession:

I need 10 hours of sleep to feel good.

It is true.  Sad, but true.

My girls spent the night with their Nana Friday so me and my man could have some time together.  (Ahhhhh.)  We went to bed at 11:30 and I woke up energized and ready to tackle my over-grown garden...ten hours later.  Yes, my friends, I slept until 9:30.  What adult does that?

I now know the reason life finds me less than enthusiastic in the mornings is because I am only getting about 7 hours of sleep when I need 10!  So, two (or three) hours after limping out of bed, I finally wake up.  Which means that I've been sleep-walking through
making breakfast,
doing dishes,
taking big girl to preschool (which is scary since this involves driving),
doing laundry,
and even constructing towers

and hosting tea parties (good thing the guest list consists of only animals and dolls).

Saturday, however, I gulped down two cups of coffee, pulled on my work clothes, and hit the dirt.  Literally.  Two hours later, I was covered in black (why is that, when the dirt is brown?), I was hungry, thirsty, and shaky, but I felt good!  I accomplished more in those two hours than I usually do in a whole day.  It probably helped that I was able to give my flower beds and veggie-less garden undivided attention; Nana still had the girls.

After weeding, mulching, and watering, we grabbed sub sandwiches and picked up the girls.  Baby girl napped while my man and big girl piddled outside and I did laundry.  Later, we all had big fun getting wet and washing the truck, the car, and two trikes.  We spent so much time outside, we were barely able to get baths and make supper before UK faced Iowa in the NCAA tourney.  Supper was served up in front of the TV (rare, very rare, treat).

After UK grabbed another win and we grabbed ice cream sandwiches, I put the girls to bed and folded a few loads of laundry.  What a day!

I know I've said that Saturdays are lazy, no-work kind of days at our house, but that was before gardening weather blew in.  So long, Lazy No-work Saturdays.  Hello, Spring Gardening!  Working in the garden is one of my all-time favorite things to do; so, it never feels like work.  (Well, never might be an exaggeration; my opinion usually changes when the mid-summer temps start hovering at or above 90.)  I can't say washing cars is one of my favorite pastimes; that's why my car is usually dirty.  But, doing it all together, and watching the girls happily scrub their little tricycles was sweet--took the work right out of it.  (Wish I had taken a picture!)

Maybe Nana will keep the girls every Friday night.  Then at least I'll get one sweet night of rest and one sweet day of energy and joy.  (You know--it's the craziest thing--I'm not crabby when I get sleep.)

My man must have appreciated the effect the extra sleep had on me too, because he echoed my sentiments with, "Maybe we should give Mom weekend visitation rights."

Just kidding, of course.


(P.S.  If you are one of those persons that only sleeps 5 or 6 hours a night, please don't tell me.  I'm trying to avoid the comparison games, but's hard to not feel bad when I know there are people who only need half as much sleep as me.)

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