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My Fab Fam
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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Good: A Good Morning!

I know this blog is about being transparent, confessions of a real mom.  However, if I only post all the ways I fall short of my goals, others' expectations, and God's standards, it won't be long before we all fall into depression.  So, amid the bad and really ugly, here's some good!

I had to run a short errand this morning and began getting the girls ready to go out the door.  My sweet hubby had no idea he was being used by God to supply salve to my soul when he offered to watch them while I ran out alone.

I don't often get to listen to music in the car.  Even when I try, I am constantly having to turn it up and down, up and down, so the girls can tell me stories about their pretend horse, Honey, or ask questions like, "Is this song about baby Jesus?" or, "Mommy! My milk!"  (Which is really a question, interpreted as, "Mommy, I dropped my milk.  Will you get it please?"  We're working on it.)

All alone, I turned K-Love up as loud as I dared--without risking blowing a speaker--and started my day with a little soul dancing.  The sun was shining right on my face, as God sang "Good Morning" to me.  Okay, so I didn't hear His voice, but thanks to Mandisa and TobyMac, I felt His presence!  And by the time I pulled back into our driveway, tears of gratitude were streaming down my face.

Good morning, indeed!

And, thanks to a good friend for supplying the best-tasting home-made wheat bread in the world, breakfast was a success!

Here's the song that "woke me up singing!"


  1. i think they only play that in the mornings. that's the only time i ever hear that song. makes me wanna sing it...."top of the mornin' disa". :)

  2. the DJs asked the caller to sing "good morning" (just that phrase, not the song) before they would play the song. =) i had never heard it before. Love, love, LOVE it!


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