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My Fab Fam
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Learning to be the Light"

Today's admission is simple:  
I'm learning to be the light.

A hurdle was thrown in my path today.  
And I wanted to sulk. girls deserve better.  
(Not to mention this unusual spring weather begged for jubilation.)
We tossed some dried fruit and cheese in a back pack, pulled on our sunglasses, 
and headed out for a picnic.
A blanket, a tree, and some flowers set the stage for fun in the sun.
After a few minutes in the sunlight, I realized the disappointment that could have sent me into a pit of self-pity was actually an opportunity to enjoy a few precious minutes with my beauties.  

So glad I didn't miss that one!
(Because I've missed too many.)

The world is full of hurts, hurdles, disappointments, and darkness.  
I want my girls to know how to find joy amid the sorrow.  
Knowing life lessons are caught, not taught, means I have to set the example.

Lord, remind me to seek the light when my mood is dark 
and to be the light when life wounds my babies' hearts.
I don't always do this.
But, thanks to Your grace, I'm learning.
Learning to be the light.


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