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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

100 Thing Challenge

This is going to be a quickie.  Today was a full, fun day, which left me NO time to blog.  But I did want to throw this out to anyone who might be interested in taking on a crazy challenge.

I probably don't have the name just right, but there is a concept floating around these days about cutting back your personal items to the bare minimum.  And I mean the BARE minimum:  100 personal items, total.

A friend of mine pitched the idea my way recently.  Although I am not fully committed to the "100 thing challenge," I have taken the cut-back concept and ran with it.  I started with my closet.  I decided I would at least reduce to 100 items there.  Ironically, I didn't even have 100 items; I counted 98.  So, I decided to cut my entire wardrobe, including closets and drawers, down to 100.  And here is where I got stuck.

Have you ever just counted how many clothing items you have in your undies and sock drawers?  That's nearly my 100 right there.  I was feeling pretty good about getting my closet down to less than 50 items recently (including shoes) until I opened my drawers.  I threw up my hands and walked away.

I'm not suggesting that each of you should go straight away to purge your closets.  But, perhaps taking inventory wouldn't be a bad idea.  Just for fun, count the items on hangers--dresses, shirts, skirts--then head to your drawers.  Count your pants, capris, shorts, tanks, pajamas, and sweaters.  And if you haven't reached infinity, count your undies, socks, shoes, belts, coats, scarves, hats, gloves...

Do you see what I mean?  If you only have one of each of the above, you have about twenty items.  Obviously "Dave" lives in a place that is constantly 70 degrees and sunny.  I'm blaming my extensive wardrobe on the fact that I have to accommodate mid-American temperatures that fluctuate between 0-100.

And don't even ask me to look through my kitchen drawers.  I did, after all, sell Pampered Chef at one point.

When I move to the African bush, where it is always 100, then I will gladly reduce my personal items to a tent, mosquito net, a couple of tanks, shorts, flip flops and my Bible.  Throw in a canteen, pot, and knife and just like Survivor Man...I will survive!

That is, if my boy scout husband will accompany me to start my fires and kill whatever creeps, crawls, or crouches behind the bushes.


I'd love to hear from any of you that actually get a rough count on your total wardrobe.  I plan to work through my drawers soon.  I'll let you know how that goes.

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