My Fab Fam

My Fab Fam
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Embrace the Camera"

Here's our recent life in pictures:

My big girl is at preschool this morning.  
After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, baby girl asked me to hold her. 
The sweetest words.

Rewind to this past weekend.
Some serious fun was had at our house!

My man put together a swing set that was given to us.
Okay, so he (and our neighbor who pitched in a ladder, tools, and manpower) 
might not agree that this was serious fun, but...
watching it go up was fun for me!
I never cease to be amazed at how God provides so much beyond our needs.
To say the girls love their new play set is an understatement.
They've always wanted to be outside, 
but now I can hardly even get them to come in to eat, take a bath, or go to bed.
At least I can sit on the deck and blog while they play.

But most of the time they want me right beside them.
That's fun.
I know the time's coming when they won't want me too close too often.

Let's crash!
(Look at that mischievous face!)

Big girl obviously thought this was much more fun than her sister did.

Baby girl wasn't sure the slide would prove to be any more fun than bumping on the swings.
Here she's saying, 
"Hold my finger, mommy!"

Only a few days later and she is not only coming down the slide without help, 
but also she's discovered she can run UP the slide if she's barefoot.

After HOURS of playing in the sun, we finally got them to eat something and take a bath.
(Only because we lured them in with the promise of coloring eggs.)
This was much fun!
Baby girl just liked dipping them in the dyes--over and over and over.
So, we had some really interesting eggs.

Silly faces, please!

Let's eat one...

Blue eggs taste GOOD!

The ones we didn't eat...

One fun day!

P.S.  Yes, we do hang out in our pajama's all. the. time.

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