My Fab Fam

My Fab Fam
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Break 2014

There is not a momma on the planet that longed for school to end as much as this one did!  E's last day of school was Friday and, boy, have we ever plunged into summer!  But before I get too far into summer stuff, let me flashback to the girls' last days of school.

G finished up 3 year-old preschool back in May.  Her end-of-year party was on the 19th.  They were all supposed to wear their preschool t-shirts.  G doesn't like hers because it is not pretty enough.  She fought me on the issue until she discovered a way around it:  cover the tee with a sweater.

She did eventually get hot enough to lose the sweater.  Here she is in action, sliding down a big inflatable.  A little blurry, but none of the joy is lost.

A few shots with friends....

...and her sweet teachers.

She had her school-is-out teeth cleaning.  You don't have those?  Hmmmm...

The weather's been awesome, so the Mr. and I squeezed in an after-the-kids-are-in-bed dinner date on the deck.

Baby girl and I enjoyed our the hammock...

...and checking on our garden, watching it sprout and grow.  What pushed this piece of ground up?

Okra!  It may be little, but it's mighty.  A small-big miracle.  And definitely a lesson; small things can do big things.  I may be one, but God can be mighty through me.

Hanging in Daddy's truck while he gets his hair cut.

Baby girl is still doing ballet, although somewhat reluctantly these days.  The tutu has lost its appeal and now she doesn't want to stop playing outside to go to ballet.  But once we're there, she has fun with her friends.  Welllll, I had a picture, but it seriously just vanished into thin air.  Weird.

Ope!  Found it!

We've also been working on a chicken coop.

We've also been golfing with Daddy a couple of times.

And, we're finally to the last days of school!  Awards day...

Big Girl got 5 awards, for high scores on reading and math and for learning her sight words, also the Library and Sportsmanship awards for her class.

Her teachers were wonderful.  They loved my girl and took care of her like she was their own.  And they welcomed me into their classroom too.

The last day of school was this past Friday; it was field day.  I helped for a couple of hours then hung with Big Girl and her class for the rest of the day.  Sweet times. (I don't know why my phone insists on darkening one end of all my pix, but it is an old phone, and I will get a new one some day.)

Her first time at tug-o-war.  She said this was her favorite part of the day.  =)

We left about an hour early.  Here she is saying her goodbyes.  Hugs, hugs.  And awkward moments when the friends kept doing their puzzles after she said the meekest, softest "Bye" ever.  They didn't realize this was the last time they would be seeing each other for a long time.  

As we walked to the car, this is the beauty we saw.  

Squatting by her masterpiece.  

Last picture as a Kindergartener.  sniff, sniff

Friday night we had a "Kindergarten Last Blast" at an indoor play place for E and her class.  Only a few could make it, but big fun was had.

So, I started this post, thinking I would talk about all the fun things we have done since school got out.  And I spent all morning just getting to the last day of school.  Granted, I did multi-task.  I have drawn chalk roads, chased the cat, washed a few loads of laundry, balanced the checkbook, paid bills...

Tomorrow, perhaps, I will journal about all the fun summer adventures we've already had in one short week.  Tomorrow.  Or next month.