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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Remember this post: Teenage Clothes, Cholesterol, and Christmas?

I just read it again and remembered a conversation G and I had this week. It went something like this:

G brought me a barbie and asked, "Can you tie this?" referring to the halter neck ties.

Me: "Yes." And after I tied it, "You know...mommy would never let you wear a dress like this."

G: "I know, because it's too pretty."

(Ack!!! My five year old equates immodesty with prettiness.)

Me, emotions whirling, but trying to appear calm: "No, honey...because it isn't modest. See how tight it is? And how much skin it shows? You can look pretty and still be modest."

There was more to this convo, but you get the jist.

Afterwards, I was left feeling defeated. What have I taught my child? That pretty clothes are always immodest? That to be modest, you must not look very good. Unfortunately, I am a poor example of being modest AND pretty. I don't think yoga pants and long-sleeved tees qualify as pretty clothes in G's little mind - or anyone else's for that matter.

But then, what do I expect? Beautiful women all around us tend to display their bodies. How do we counter the message that society is sending: to be pretty, you must be immodest?

To be honest, I have tried to step it up a notch with my wardrobe. I want my girls to know that you can be presentable and still be modest. It's a struggle, one that will probably only get harder. And I know many of you out there can relate, especially those of you with teenagers. So, just know that this momma of a just-5-year-old and just-7-year-old is already feeling your pain. We are in the trenches together, sister.