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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teenage clothes, cholesterol, and Christmas

Here's some randomness for your day.

My baby girl, G, told me last night that we need to go shopping for teenage clothes.

This wishful-thinker was beaming with momentary pride, convinced that her daughter wanted to buy Christmas presents for a teenage child in need.  But, just to be sure, I asked with a smile, "Why?"

"So I'll have some when I'm a teenager in case they're all gone."

No words.  No thoughts even.  Just stunned blank.

But then again, I'm never speechless or without a whirlwind of thoughts for long.  When my thoughts came back to me, I started wondering if I should, in fact, let her buy "teenage clothes" now while she retains some hint of modesty and innocence.  But, then again, if she already sees a difference in her clothes and "teenage clothes," I'm not really sure I would, in fact, be any better off to let her shop now.  I think she is already lusting after sexy, before she even knows what it is.  This thought has only been confirmed by the clothes she compliments:

"I like her shirt" (that comes down to her belly button).


"That's a pretty dress," (that will only cover her cheeks if she doesn't sit down).

She is three, people.  Three.


In other news, my husband had his annual check-up this week and learned that he has high cholesterol.  His message to me, after his appointment:

"You're gonna have to change my diet.  Cholesterol is high.  Pretty high actually."

My loving wifey response:

"No honey.  YOU are gonna have to change your diet.  I am not the one that eats out every day."

And today, from my man:

"I just ordered grilled shrimp, steamed veggies, and rice.  What the heck???"

My ironic response:

"It's a good thing u r eating healthy for lunch bc this potato chowder [we're having for supper] is not healthy."

I'm such a good wife.


Despite my heartlessness, my man is good to me.  I was a wreck when he came home last night.  Tired is an understatement.  Who knew it took so long to recover from an appendectomy???  It was 5, the house was in its usual state of disarray, there was homework to be done, no supper fixed, not-quite-a-promise to put up the Christmas tree that was probably going to be broken, and I was on the verge of tears.  After working a full day, he jumped right in.  He declared all things possible and rode heard on big girl and her homework while baby girl and I picked up a bit.  I was given the green light on pizza and was placing an on-line order while he went into the loft for the tree and decorations.  After a long while, he returned inside.

"Houston, we have a problem..."  he began.  "We don't have a tree."


Sure enough, we threw our tree out last year.  We both have vague recollections of various conversations...should we donate it to Habitat...should we just throw it out...should we keep it and just keep stringing lights in all the places where the pre-lit strands have quit working???  It seems we chose option 1 or 2, but right now neither of us is sure which one.

So, homework was done, the house was picked up, and the pizza was almost ordered...and we closed the pizza page, put on shoes, and headed out.  We ate a slow dinner where we were waited on (ahhhhh) and bought a little tree at Lowe's.  We came home, put up the tree, and put down the girls.  At nine.  Two hours past bedtime.

And guess what.  We all survived.  We did more than survive.  We were revived.

And we finally have our tree up!  Perhaps it is a bit early by your calendars, but it is three weeks past due by mine.  Just get Halloween out of the way and I'm ready for a two-month-long Holy days season!

Happy Thanks-Christmas everyone!


  1. Happy story! Thanks for sharing! I'm thankful for the Restorer, Reviver, Builder, Promiser, Healer, and Friend! And...the three year old is just seeing the pretty colors and designs. She sees the makeup and airbrushing that looks so perfect. She'll be okay! :)


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