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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Insecurity: A Tale of Three Sisters

Where is that God-confidence when I need it?!?!

I have five siblings--three brothers, two sisters.  Today's post is (in part) about my sisters.  Both are wonderful women.  Loving sisters and good friends.  They give selflessly to their families.  One stays busy teaching a room-full of children their ABC's and 123's nine months of the year, while selflessly caring for five kids of her own year-round--not to mention the things she does for her husband, church, and home.  The other is part-time Mom to all her nieces and nephews, part-time dental hygienist, part-time clinical instructor, and full-time wife and creative home-maker.

Both are beautiful.  Both are smart and witty.  Both are excellent writers, creative artists, fantastic cooks/bakers.

They are peaceful, patient, kind, compassionate, encouraging...shall I go on?

One of my sisters is a blog-follower.  In a recent email, she was encouraging me in my blogging adventure.  Amid the encouragement, she gave one piece of advice:

"Pictures make a great blog even greater.  (Wink)"

In a follow-up email, she sent me a link to one of the blogs she reads daily and I decided to check it out this morning.  Remember in my very first post that I told you I've never even read blogs?  Well, let it suffice to say that it was a very good thing that I started blogging before realizing many blogs look like a professional scrapbook page.  I would never have jumped into these waters if I knew how deep they could run.  I love to write and I thought blogs were all about the posts.  Wrong!  Photography.  Design.  Music.  Sponsors?!

What is this world that I have stepped into?  Why isn't one of my sisters (the great writers, creative thinkers, and Holley Homemakers) writing this blog?  They know about blogging.  Their creativity would produce an attractive and unique site with lots of pictures and ideas about all things crafty.  Their home-making skills would produce mouth-watering reads about casseroles and desserts.  And, their wit and vocabulary would make for a great read even if they were discussing the process of digesting peas.

I started relating all my insecurities to my really fabulous husband, but he wouldn't stand for it.  "Don't let your insecurities stand in the way of your creativity."  So, here I am again on the brink of insecurity, reaching up for a little more God-confidence as I push forward into some daunting waters.  Sink or swim, I'm continuing on in this very humbling journey of laying my heart out for all the world to see.  Forgive me if it takes me a while to make the scenery for this trip attractive, but I promise to try!

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