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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Skyscrapers and Scraps

I sip near-perfection from a cup (which is a grande, or sometimes venti caramel macchiato, half-sweet, if you care to know) and observe my reflection in the now-modest skyscraper across the street. Approximately 25 stories, it is only a babe in comparison to some of its contemporaries. I watch the wind distort its reflection in the neighboring wall of glass as windows bend and ripple from the relatively gentle force of nature. And I marvel that God has given us the ability to construct such structures. Walls of glass that bend in the wind yet stand. And I think about the shaft of glass that propelled me to this tenth-floor view and I can't help but smile in wonder. The created have become the creators, by the will of God, because we are made in His awesome image.

In the same building that reflects my image, I see a young man start up his flat-screen desk-top and sit in his swivel chair. I surmise the same event is happening in offices all throughout that building. I recall the people in line with me at the coffee bar just a few minutes earlier. I imagine they are all sitting in the conference with my own man right now, sipping vanilla lattes and double-shots in the dark, probably more concerned with their own thoughts than the words of the speaker.

And I wonder, do we all realize how rich we are? Lucky? Fortunate? Blessed.

In luxury hotels and high-rise office towers. With our smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, labeled clothes, and $5 lattes. While others rummage through the garbage right outside these walls of glass, finding some morsels of satisfaction in our scraps and left-overs.

I'm not saying we should feel guilty for our blessings. But I do think we need to be always thinking of ways to share them with others. Sometimes, perhaps much of the time, generosity requires planning ahead. Let's think of someone we can bless today. And then put forth the effort to bring the blessing.

Jesus said, " You will always have the poor among you," (Mt 26:11). What will we do for them? He also said, "Whatever you [do] for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you [do] for me," (Mt 25:40).

I walked right by a man two days ago. Digging in the trash. Something pulled inside of me but I walked on. I wish I could have a do-over.

We will walk these streets again today and I pray for a second chance. Lord, please show me someone I can bless. This time I'll be prepared. An apple, an orange, a Starbucks gift card... Something to say, "I see you and I care."

I see you, Jesus. And I care.

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