My Fab Fam

My Fab Fam
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things I've learned THIS week

The truth, though ALWAYS the best option, can still be painful.

If a haircut shocks you, as the momma, multiply your shock tenfold and you might have some idea of what response to expect from your kiddos.

No momma should ever, EVER, be without the following:
super glue
packaging tape
fabric glue
batteries (of all sizes)
and screwdrivers (of all sizes).
(I have used all of these, at least once, in the last twenty-four hours to "fix" something.)

Friendships, new and old, really are worth the effort.

Kids getting naked = kids running around the house.  Every time.

You can NEVER out-give God.

Giving your kids different toys to play with in the tub will buy you at least thirty minutes of "down time."

You can clean the whole house in one day if you know company's coming.

When you are desperate for time with Jesus you can be sure Satan is equally desirous to prevent it.

God ALWAYS provides in the strangest ways.  (I can think up a million different ways that God might work, but He always seems to come up with a million and one.)

Life is better when you play hard.

Some days just deserve a 9:30 pm run to Dairy Queen.

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