My Fab Fam

My Fab Fam
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Look at me!

One of my girls is always saying, "Look at me!"
Here's a bit of what I might see.

Between the baby swing and hammock-type swing we have hanging on our deck 
and the swings on the play set in our back yard, 
someone is always swinging and wanting us to watch...if we're not pushing.

Playing dress up...

Watching our Irises grow...
This time I was probably the one to shout, "Look, girls!"
I never fail to ooh and aah over these delicate little beauties.
Everyday, when we go out to play, I head straight for tree line where we've planted 
an assortment of flowers (daffodils, irises, tiger lilies) to brighten the border all year long.
I'm always so excited when another bloom has popped open.
You would think I had never seen a flower before.

(I also love the look the girls are sporting here--their usual out-of-doors combo.)

Unfortunately it's not always on paper.
This time baby girl knew better than to say, "Look, Mommy!"
Her big sis had asked if she could color her thumb and make a thumb print.
Little sis got stuck on the coloring part; she never made a single print.

 Look!  We found a different swing!  
At Mama's house.

At Mama's house.

At "Mama's park."
The park in our town is "our park;" the one in Mama's town is "Mama's park."

(Big girl poses for the camera.)

(Mama makes her debut appearance in my blog.
I'll hear about this later.)

(Daddy makes another rare appearance.)

Watching The Chipmunks with their cousins...
They look intent on absorbing every word.
You'd never know that they were popping up and down constantly to 
grab another chip, jump on the bed, 
or tell me for the twentieth time that they were watching The Chipmunks.

The rest of us were watching UK in the Final Four...
They look intent on absorbing every move by every player...
because they were.

Or were they?

(Perhaps they were streaming on their Iphones.)

I guess I'm about to find out if my brothers read my blog 
because if they see pictures of themselves on here, they, like my momma, will let me know about it!

Happy Monday, friends!  
It's gonna be a great week!


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