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My Fab Fam
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Imposed Quietness

God has been dealing with me on a few points for a couple of weeks and, as of last Friday, I had considered not posting anything for a while. Well, it wasn't a hard and fast decision, but life circumstances have made blogging an impossibility anyway. So, there you go. Decision made for me.

My man is the director of our local Habitat for Humanity and he is in the middle of a two week building blitz, which is when the affiliate basically builds two houses in two weeks. Caravanners, volunteers who travel to various Habitat build sites in RV's and camp for a week or two while they "help build it," come to our area every spring and fall to help with these blitzes. This is the second of the two weeks they are here. They work everyday from about 8 to 3 and there are evening meals, fellowships, and events most evenings. Throw in a home-builders expo that took up most of the weekend between the two weeks of the build and you've got yourself a glimpse into the craziness we call life right now.

So, until the Caravanners have said goodbye, I must say goodbye. Only temporarily, friends. I have already begun some posts that I am excited to finish and share with you. Until then...goodnight.

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