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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recipe Books for ALS

You may remember a phase I went through recently of blogging all things food.  In the midst of that, I was contributing recipes to a cookbook that my sis-in-law was putting together for ALS.  I promised you that I would tell you when the books were done...and they are now available to buy.

Why cookbooks for ALS?

My oldest brother was diagnosed with this horrific disease about a year and a half ago.  If you are not familiar with this disease, here's my layman's explanation:  it is a terminal illness that effects the nervous system, which in turn causes loss of muscle control.  The disease can start off with so slight a symptom as not being able to curl up your toes when you walk (also known as "drop foot," which was my brother's case) but will progress to the inability to talk, swallow, and, eventually, breathe.

My sister-in-law wanted to do something to raise money for the needs of my brother and other ALS patients.  The medical equipment required to cope with this disease is extensive.  And expensive.  Some of the money from the cookbooks will go to help pay for a lift recliner that my brother recently had to buy, as he is no longer able to get out of a chair by himself.  Some of the money will go to support others they know who are struggling with the financial repercussions of ALS, even to the point of being unable to buy groceries.

I know there are a million "causes" vying for our support.  I certainly understand that there may be other things to which you are obligated or passionate about at this time.  However, if you have an extra $10 (approximately $7 of which will go to patient support) to spare, I would love for you to consider helping my brother and others in his condition.  And in turn, you will receive almost two hundred recipes (a few of which you can see here).  Win-win situation if you ask me.

Please comment below if you would like to order.  Many, many thanks!

**I will ship cookbooks to you!  S/H on me.  Just email me your address at**

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