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My Fab Fam
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh James, how you pain me!

Can I just say that sometimes I don't like what God has to say to me?  
It is painful.
But then again, it is a very good reminder of just how much I need God.  
As Beth Moore says in this study (James: Mercy Triumphs), 
even when God confronts us, He is for us.

Today was all about being quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.
We were supposed to write those three imperatives in the margin of our books then star the one(s) that is most challenging to us.
I starred all three.

Then Beth talked about the dangers of public forums,
"where we can instantly voice our heated opinions...without the benefit of an editor or a permanent eraser."  
And I regularly open up Facebook and this blog and type out my thoughts.
Scary opportunities available to us.

Having had some healthy fear instilled in me today about the dangers of my tongue, I've decided to keep my mouth shut, or in this case restrain my fingers, and just toss some pictures your way.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to me since it's been nearly a week since I posted anything.  
Well, I have been celebrating my birth week!  
I'm smiling because for a gal who doesn't really get into birthdays, I always seem to have birthdays that go on and on for days.

I turned 34 last Saturday (28th), but the festivities began the day before.  
My man asked his momma to watch our beauties Friday night so we could go out.  
Here we are before hitting the road.

We drove to the nearest big city (and by that I mean someplace that actually has more chains than Cracker Barrel and Applebee's) and enjoyed some yummy food at Longhorn's.  
I have realized since being married that I actually like steak.  
Growing up in a family that scorched every type of meat, I used to think, 
"Steak?  What's the big deal?"  
Then I met my man.  
At first the pink meat disgusted me; now I love a medium steak.  
And, if you ask me, Longhorn's has the best.

So, Longhorn's, Hobby Lobby, and Starbucks on Friday...
Not to mention an awesome sunset with a big "spread of shine" as my big girl says (a.k.a. sunbeams)...

Time with my man on Saturday, doing various fun things like hanging downspouts on our house...  Really!  It was fun!  The house is progressing.  Slooooowly.

  Then church...
A family reunion...
With a huge inflatable water slide!  
I thought that was a little too much fun for my "babies," but they proved to be bigger than I thought.  Once again.

And a retirement party for a dear friend on Sunday...
Sprinkle in lots of texts, cards, and calls and you've got yourself an altogether very good birthday weekend.

But it didn't end there.  
My mom and one of my sisters came for a visit yesterday.  

They brought my birthday "cake," a chocolate covered Dunkin' Donut--mmmm!  
And they took me out for a lunch at a very fun little restaurant.

Before we headed out for lunch, the girls had to do a little modeling for their Aunt and Ma-ma...

Showing off her bloomers...

My other model...

So stinkin' cute!

My girlies got to celebrate my birthday by skipping naps and playing Hungry Hippos with Aunt Sissa.
And me.

And a couple random pix just for fun...  

Baby girl fell and bumped her nose a few days ago.  
She was fake crying the whole time she was getting a bandage and putting it on herself.  
One glance in the mirror turned her cries to smiles.  
This was just too cute not to share.

And later...
Daddy caught her trying to climb the cabinets to wash her hands.

Crazy Kid!

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  1. super fun b-day for me too!!! btw, loved making my blog debut. :)


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