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My Fab Fam
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pictures I Promised

Here are those pix I promised yesterday.

First, a picture of Big Girl yesterday, BEFORE the hair cuts.  She was (happily) ready to walk out the door for her third day of preschool.

(I don't know what that face is about!)

And, here she is today, AFTER her hair cut.  We were sitting in the pick-up line, waiting for Ms. Donna to come out and get her.

She just got a little trim.
And, now for the big transformation that took place in my baby girl.
First, let me remind you how long and gnarly it was.

It's pretty stinkin' cute, but it would get so out of control after she slept on it.  Not to mention how much frustration it caused for momma when it came time to wash it.
(And, yes, she's sitting on the potty, but more about that later.)

And after...

She looks so grown up now.

Now, if she would only act so grown up.  And, by that I mean, if only she would potty train.  She is two and a half, and no closer to be being trained than when she came out of the womb.  She is fully capable.  She just has NO interest.  She is my humbling child.  Big girl was so easy.  Trained before she was two.  I thought I had the magic touch.  Then came baby girl.  And, just in case any of you think I'm not trying, let me assure you, I have tried EVERYTHING!  The other day she said, "I went in the other room to pee in my diaper so you wouldn't see me and you wouldn't change my diaper."  Really?  I said, "I hope you didn't just say what I think you said."  She said, "Yes, I did."  I then turned to her daddy and said, "Did you hear that?"  He didn't.  So I repeated it all for him.  He then asked her, "Did you say that?"  She replied a little too happily, "Yes, I did."  What am I to do with this child?

I just love her.

And here we are while Big Girl is at school.

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  1. YAH!!! the rest of the week has been good!!! like the new do's. :)


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