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My Fab Fam
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Smiles to Say I'm Sorry

Just wanted to send out a quick "sorry!" to those of you that have recently commented on my posts.  I recently changed the email address at which I receive your comments, and for some reason my phone was not notifying me of emails received at that address.  I just noticed some comments from several days ago that were "awaiting moderation."  Ooops!  I have now changed the settings on my phone.  So, comment away.  I'll know it now.  =)

And now...a few smiles to make up for it...

I know you all may tire of constant dress up pictures, but every time they come to me in another outfit I think it is the cutest thing yet and have to snap another picture.

If you come by my house unexpectedly on any given day, you will find my living room looking for all the world like a playroom.  Can I get an amen?  On this particular day, my girls had set up a buffet for me and all their pets, a.k.a. toy animals.

So tell me, would you want to eat anything that evoked this emotion in your server?  I told her I was very afraid of those fries.

Baby girl and I shared some tea.  Sweetest tea in the world.

I have no idea what they were doing here.  All I do know is big girl was once again giving orders and baby girl was happy to oblige.  And look!  We do wear real clothes sometimes!  I knew I would document it eventually.

It is so very rare that it rains here without storming.  So, we do not get to play in the rain very often.  Loved this rare opportunity.  (My man opted to stay in and he snapped our picture through the screen, which explains the nice texture.)  And you'll notice we are sporting our usual duds--PJ's.  And rain boots.  What, oh what will we do when they outgrow these frog boots?  Good memories have been made with these green friends.

"Let's skip naps and go out for pizza!"
No, I would never say this.  But when your life hits a bump, pretend you're on a roller coaster.  (If you like roller coasters, which I do.)  I had a million things to do this day.  So, after sitting with the girls for over an hour waiting for them to fall asleep, and since they seemed no closer to sleep than when they first crawled in bed, I told them to get up.  We got dressed and headed out on our errands; first on the list was lunch.  We love this little locally owned restaurant that serves the best pizza ever.  Unfortunately, if you want the best, you pay for the best, which is why we don't get the best very often.  But this was a treat--a rare lunch date with my girls.

There was some great light shining through their stained glass windows, so I took a lot of pix.  If only I had a better camera on my phone...

And, just for fun, I thought I would throw in some updated pix of my garden.  It didn't produce much, but we did get some corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and strawberries.  It has pretty much stopped producing already.  The long dry season took its toll.  Even though we've recently had some good rain (as you can tell by the grass that's turned green again) it just seems to be too little too late.  And, yes, we watered it every couple of days, but there is nothing like good ol' rain water.

This picture (taken from my patio) makes the garden look so much better than it does in reality.
Ah, Instagram.

This (looking down from my deck) is a more accurate representation of the mess I call my garden.
We have made vast improvements since last year though--we actually ate some food from our garden this year!

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