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My Fab Fam
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Mini Vacay in Pix

So, as I said in a recent post, we took a little trip week before last.
My man had to go to a quaint little town for a work conference.
So, the girls and I decided to tag along and turn the trip into a little family get-away.
On our trip out of town, we stopped to eat at Chili's.
The large pepper was very fascinating for the girls.


While our man was in his meetings, we girls went out on the town.

Here we are at one of my very favorite places:  a coffee shop.
We spent  A LOT of time in this coffee shop.
These pix were taken the night we arrived in town;
the girls and I went in for dessert while daddy went to his first meeting.

After we left the coffee shop, we took a little walk.

And look what decided to join us!

When we returned to the hotel, we had to spend some time checking out all the ramps (up and down, up and down), chairs, and flowers on the covered patio that wrapped around the building.
It was beautiful there.
And it gave me some great photo opps!

These were taken the next morning.
Yes, at the coffee shop.
Man, my girls were tired.
And the trip had just begun!

After a good nap, daddy returned from another meeting and we all just lazed around the room.
I love these pictures.
They stood like this and talked for a long time.
Until baby sis climbed on top of daddy's back.
Then began the usual tickling and wrestling.

Day 3:
Heading down to eat breakfast in the historical hotel's yummy restaurant.

After leaving this very cozy town, we set off for a nearby horse park since our girls are horse lovers.
They were able to ride a pony for the first time.
And groom a pony.
And we took a ride in a trolley car pulled by draft horses.
AND we saw a horse show with different types of horses from around the world.
They have not stopped talking about it.
Just today they put on a "show" for me.
In their show, big girl was riding a horse named America and she said the pledge of allegiance before her part of the show began.
(The show we saw at the park started off with the national anthem.) 
Then my girls swung their hats around to signal when they were finished.
(I can't remember, but I'm sure the riders that wore hats must have also tipped them after their turn around the arena.)
It's amazing how much their little minds can remember.

And here they are on their ponies.
Baby girl said it was bumpy!
(She says everything with exclamation marks!)

Riding the ponies was hard work...
time for an ice cream break!

(And, no, my kid has never watched Sponge Bob in her life, she just liked the ice cream with a face on it.)

My three favorite people in the whole wide world,
waiting for the show, "Horses of the World," to begin.

We got to get up close and personal with some of the horses after the show.

This one was my personal favorite.  
This breed of horses has such a curve to its ears that they can even over-lap.

We saw some interesting things around the park.  
Here is a "basket" and two large chairs that were used in horse shows at one time.  
These two chairs sat around a large table that the horses would jump over.  
There was a picture of a horse jumping that old table.  
I understand why they don't do it anymore!  
PETA would be there in a nanosecond.

After leaving the horse park, we went the complete opposite direction to visit my family.
One of my nephews was graduating and another was turning one. 
The drive to my family's place was going to be long, so we told the girls to nap.
One of them did.

Here's baby girl with her Ma-Ma at my nephew's graduation.

And big girl with her daddy.
Perpetually tired by this point.

Here they are at their cousin's birthday party.
They go very few places these days without a great big flower in their hair.
Who's kids are these?
(I think it's pretty safe to say you'll never see me with flowers or anything floofy in my hair or anywhere on my body.)

We went out to eat with my mom and several of my siblings on Mother's Day before heading home.
By this point in our trip, the girls were so tired they didn't even want to eat...
until the server brought dessert.
You've never seen kids perk up so fast!

Last picture from our trip.
All together now!

(Last three pictures, courtesy of Aunt Sissa Photography.  Tee-hee.)

P.S.  I had some really good pix of my girls hugging their closest cousins (in age), watching their baby cousin plow into his first birthday cake, and hanging at their older cousin's graduation celebrations.  But, it's late, I'm tired, this post is already too long, and I didn't clear using those pix with the cousins/siblings/parents.  Perhaps I'll do a "Mini Vacay in Pix, Part Deux" post sometime in the near future.
G'night, all.  Or is it morning?

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