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Friday, May 4, 2012

Call it Another Lazy Post

Or call it one of the best things I've read for mommas in a long time!  Either way, I'm sharing this.

I just discovered an author that I know very little about, but I read a few excerpts from her book, Loving the Little Years, and it is perfect for this blog!  I will be buying this book by Rachel Jankovic.  Here is a transparent real mom, sharing her mothering struggles while offering encouragement and yes, even some painful truth that will make you rethink the way you are mothering your little ones.

Here's the link; if you are a mother, particularly a mother of preschoolers, you really must check out this book!

Loving the Little Years

And she writes a blog, along with her mother, sister, and sis-in-law; here's that link:


Thanks to my MOPS friend, Marcie, for introducing me to Rachel Jankovic via a Facebook post.

I think you all will enjoy the challenging ideas Rachel presents in her book and (what little I read) on her family's blog (where she is knows as lizziejank).

And please check back tomorrow because I have a related thought I want to share but am saving it until tomorrow because I want you to have time to read her book excerpts.  Enjoy!


Speaking of laziness, last night was wonderfully lazy.  My man came home early and we lazed around all night, watching nature shows and even eating cereal for supper for probably only the second time since having kids.  What was so funny was that we all sat down around the table together as normal to eat our family supper of granola and Cheerios (and Cinnnamon Toast Crunch for my man).  Funny.  And fun.

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