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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Deep Thoughts by Jack...I mean...

It's been a LONG time, like years, since this gal has watched any Saturday Night Live, but the one thing I remember about it is "Deep Thoughts," which weren't deep at all, but silly.  And my deep thoughts run about as deep as Jack Handey's, but nonetheless, here are a few that have bumped together in my mind all morning...

If you are a leader, you are going to make some decisions that offend or upset.  And, yes, you are going to make some wrong decisions.  But if you are called to be a leader, be willing to lead!  Ask God for guidance and move forward.  If you make the wrong decision, say you're sorry and keep moving forward.  Don't let it get you so down that you never make another decision!

If you are a mom, it is okay to have a period of life when you make the same stinking meals over and over and over.  I think for four years we lived on a rotation of less than twenty meals.  During my pre-kids era I was constantly trying new recipes.  Post-kids, we have been lucky to get one or two new recipes a year.  But, I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  I think that until your youngest child is two, life is all about the kids.  For me, that meant creative cooking (among many other things) went on hold.  But my youngest is two and we have started having some new meals again.  It's fun!  Hang in there!  If you still have toddlers, the time will come when you can do the things you love again!

When you're crabby and the world around you seems to be crashing down, stop and ask yourself when you last had some coffee with God.  I say it like that because when you have coffee with friends, you sit, relax, chit-chat, and share real life struggles.  When was the last time you had time like THAT with God?  I find that when I am intimately tied to Him, life usually doesn't seem nearly as overwhelming.  BUT, even if the world continues to fall around me, I suddenly have the strength to stand through it.  On Christ the Solid Rock I stand.  I realized my attitude about the construction-project-gone-south was in large part due to the lack of quality time I had spent with my Father.  We had been gone for a week, and aside from a few Scripture readings here and there I had not had any quiet time.  Detrimental, I tell you.  Detrimental.  To my health and, unfortunately the health of those around me.

Sometimes you just need a nap at 9 in the morning.  My poor baby girl was just not herself this morning.  She not only refused to listen, she threw full-blown fits.  To give you a small glimpse of our morning, picture this:  We have just returned home from dropping big girl off at preschool...I tell baby girl to get out of the car...she asks to play in the car while I go inside...I tell her no that I can't leave her alone outside...she then refuses to respond to anything I ask her to do...I have to lift her out of the car...she's crying at this point...I try to console her with crayons, paper, and books...she kicks them...I set her in time-out...I then tell her she can get up when I get in the shower...she continues to scream-cry throughout my entire shower.  We went back to bed after that.  (We will all be grateful when the construction workers have completed their work and we can sleep.)

These are some of the lessons I am learning today.  I could share a lot more, but this is all I am able to tackle right now.  Tomorrow will bring a whole new set of lessons.  And joys.  Among these lessons have been opportunities to pray for friends, a long-overdue phone call with a very close friend, some much-needed quiet time for this mommy while one girl is at school and another sleeps.

"We worship you, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, we worship you for who you are, and you are good!"
--"You are Good" 

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