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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Battle Over Fear Continues

And to piggyback my last post...

I saw this on Facebook recently.  So true.

"Each time you dare to let go and surrender one of those many fears, your hand opens a little and your palms spread out in a gesture of receiving.  You must be patient, of course, very patient, until your hands are completely open."

I don't know where this quote comes from, but it spoke powerfully to me and my impatience in the battle of over-coming fear.

And I have no idea where I heard this one either - perhaps on K-Love - but somewhere over the last couple of days I heard someone say, "When I'm tempted to fear, I tell myself, 'No where in the Bible does God say, "Be careful," but over and over Scriptures tell us, "Do not fear."'"

Since hearing this, I have been battling the urge to tell my girls at every turn, "Be careful!"  There are times I see them doing something that makes my stomach grip and I just bite back my desire to warn and turn my head so I don't have to watch.  =)  Let them play.  Let them live.  Give them room to be adventurous.

I want them to climb trees and flip over monkey bars and jump on trampolines without fear.  And some day they may be teenagers like I was, wanting to ride the wildest roller coasters, bungee jump, or (oh, how I wanted to!) jump out of a plane.  And may they befriend the wild kids in class, without fear of what others may think, and still stand strong.

They may go off to college and rock climb and repel or (if only I had!) go white-water rafting.  They may travel the world, invite homeless strangers to live with them, and give unknown co-workers rides home, even it if means driving far into the country, making too many turns to count, and relying on prayer and God's leading to find their way out of that wooded maze.  May they befriend the homeless and destitute and prostitutes and those souls loved of Christ who everyone else avoids.

They may talk to strangers on the plane.  And walk with strangers on campus.  And dance with strangers on the street.  They may leave their car doors and apartment doors unlocked, and they may be robbed, and may they say, "I guess they needed it more than I did."

And someday they may venture into the wilds of Africa to bring villages of people into the wild life of Christ.  Or they may fearlessly perform risky surgeries, believing God can use them to bring life and healing, and never blaming self if He does not.  Or they may fight injustice with words and wit and love for all people.

Someday they may face sickness or pain or heartache or...  It is not in my power to see what lies in their path, but I know with certainty they will have some--if not many--struggles.  And I hope they embrace the trials as the blessings they are that draw them into deeper intimacy with the only One Who Is always stable and safe.

I hope they choose life abundant, without fear gripping and hindering.  "In this world you will have trouble...but fear not, for I am with you..." (Yes, I'm marrying some verses here.)

"In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world."  John 16:33

"Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you may go."  Joshua 1:9

"The Lord is my light and salvation - whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid?"

"The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-discipline."  1 Timothy 1:7

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