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My Fab Fam
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh So Sleepy

I did it again. I started and finished a novel last night. And I slept two hours. Two. I fought a headache all day until big girl came home from school and I finally had to take a nap. 

But I of course didn't really nap. Between the squeals and laughter of my own two happies and the constant knocks on the door from neighborhood kids wanting my girls to come out and make happy, there were a few winks but hardly the nap I was looking for. 

Then my man came home and a knock came through the door again and my two happies became happier as they were finally released to go outside and play. Five minutes, we said, until we have to go (to the family reading event my big girl's school was hosting tonight).

My man and I were pouring water bottles and munching on chicken salad and crackers to supplement the one-piece-of-pizza-supper the school was going to provide, all while keeping an eye on the four girls playing on the swing set. Baby girl was on the slide. Big girl was on the swing, going just as high as the swing will go. A neighbor girl was swinging all askew beside her, while another neighbor was grabbing swing chains. I couldn't tell exactly what they were trying to achieve, or if there was just horseplay, but I did have a gut instinct of alarm--a crash seemed imminent. 

I saw big girl cresting in her forward swing, looked down (to screw on a water bottle lid, perhaps?), but immediately jerked my head back up (did I see the crash out of my periphery or was it just intuition?) just in time to see the swing come forward again, jerking, and empty! 

My gut clenched. Where is she? My man told me later I said it aloud. I took a sideways step to see her writhing body on the ground with three sets of eyes glued to her. I bolted. 

The yard seemed like eternity! I was vaguely aware of baby girl turning towards the house to get us, not realizing we were already half-way there. My man was running right behind me. I said, "It's ok," as I neared her, though I was sure she was badly hurt. The fall must have been eight feet. We bent down and asked what happened but she couldn't talk. The other girls tried to explain--but all they were sure of is that she flipped backwards out of the swing. We consoled and rubbed and patted and prayed and I noticed the pure fright in her sweet baby sister's eyes.

She complained of her back and did not want to move. After several minutes, she did roll over and finally agreed to let her daddy pick her up. We headed inside to examine her, only to realize when we reached the door that in our haste we had locked ourselves out. 

And here things take a turn for the funny, and we need funny, but my two hours of sleep is insufficient. I will take this story up again tomorrow. For now, let it suffice to say we think big girl is ok. Her main complaint is her back, which we will monitor and see a doctor if it persists. Til tomorrow then...

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