My Fab Fam

My Fab Fam
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Pure Joy

Today's moments of joy:

Sending E off to school in a Superwoman outfit.

Running in Kroger, just as we were.  G in her pj's, covered up with a tu-tu and fleece jacket.  Me in my pj's--which are really yoga pants and a t-shirt--covered up with a fleece jacket.  No one would have ever known I didn't have a bra on.  But now you will all be wondering...when you see me in Kroger with a fleece jacket...won't you?

Sunbutter chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  Oh, yay.

Coffee and (more) sunbutter cookies with an old friend.  Realizing again how much we have in common.  Catching up and encouraging each other to carry on in this difficult thing called life.

Having an open door and hearing the wind chimes through the screen door.

Driving with the windows down and letting our hands rise and dip in the wind.  Oh, how I wish I could have bottled G's laughter to open up and pour out whenever I need a lift.

Watching G smile and twirl and point and flex at ballet.

Getting free books thanks to a community-wide Literacy Month program.

Getting free BBQ thanks to a community business that truly gives as much as they receive.

Dropping off my girls at their Nana's and hearing G say, "You're wasting our time," and "You said you weren't going to stay long."  As ornery as it sounds, it is said in much jest, and with full understanding on my part that she does not want me interfering with her Nana time.  I am to drop them off and leave immediately so they can get straight to the business of playing.  Nana and I are to chat on our own time.

Gathering eggs with a friend.  Learning about chickens.  And chasing her two sweet boys as they run down hills, turn over riding toys, and climb in my Jeep.  Petting old their old dogs and going home with eggs and chicken poo on my hands and reminding myself, "Dirt is everything."  (Thanks, Katy.)

Welcoming our old Canadian friends back to town with hugs (and more cookies).

Some couch time and convo with my man.

And, now, a cup of cocoa and a good book while my man is off watching UK's tourney game with a friend.

Some days are hard, life is hard, but life is G O O D.

P.S.  I usually do not eat so much sugar, but maybe I should because this day was awesome.  Am I onto something here?  More sugar = more awesome?

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