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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Little LIGHT Saturday Reading...

...because Jesus is the LIGHT.

I don't know about you all, but this week's lessons from God have just left my mind reeling!  I have not been able to stop recalling that my very breath speaks the Name, YHWH.  Nor have I been able to fully wrap my brain around the parallels of the Old Testament consecration of priest and the New Testament consecration of Christ's church by His very own blood.

I sat down to prepare tomorrow morning's lesson for the 5th and 6th graders and I could not concentrate on it for thinking about the blood being sprinkles on the priests (found in Exodus 29).  I just had to read some more about it.  So, I pulled up and read David Guzik's thoughts on this passage.  Fascinating!  I came to realize yet another parallel while reading...

The blood of the ram was applied to the priests' right ear, right hand, and right big toe.  Blood on the head, the hands, the feet.  Foreshadowing the perfect fulfillment of this law by Christ on the cross.  I can't believe I didn't notice this the other day!  Besides laying a perfect parallel to our New Testament High Priest (Hebrews 4:14-16), David Guzik explains there are other reasons the blood is applied here.

"To express the idea of consecration, blood from the ram is placed on the ear, thumb, and toe of the priest. It was blood from the ram - not the wool, not the fat. God wanted the 'life' of the sacrificial victim to mark His consecrated priests.

"Leviticus 17:11 is one of many passages that expresses this principle: For the life of the flesh is in the blood. God wanted the life of the sacrificial victim to be evident in the body of the priest.

"Tip of the right ear . . . thumb of their right hand . . . big toe of their right foot: These consecrated priests were stained with the blood of sacrifice. They should hear differently because the blood was on their ear. They should work differently because the blood was on their thumb. They should walk differently because the blood was on their toe.

"Specifically, it was applied to the right ear, hand, and foot. This isn't because God felt they could do whatever they wanted to with their left ear, hand, and foot. It is because the right side was considered superior, with more strength and skill (because most people are right-handed). God wanted their best to be dedicated to Him."

How amazing and thorough are God's plans!

Moreover, Guzik explains why the priests had to lay their hands on the animals before the sacrifice:

"As Aaron and his sons put their hands on the head of the bull, they symbolically transferred their sin to the bull...

"'The Hebrew word means more than lightly placing the hand, it gives the idea of pressing hard upon the bullock's head. They came each one and leaned upon the victim, loading him with their burden, signifying their acceptance of its substitution, their joy that the Lord would accept that victim in their stead. When they put their hands on the bullock, they made a confession of sin.' (Spurgeon)"

This passage in Exodus is LOADED with good stuff!  If you love this stuff as much as I do, here is the link to read more of Guzik's commentary.


(All quotes taken directly from David Guzik's commentary on Exodus 29, found at


Attitude of Gratitude

191. that I am symbolically covered in blood
192. fresh revelation
193. a sunny day so the girls can get outside
194. commentaries!
195. days when my man is home
196. sunbeams coming through the blinds
197. a table full of books
198. a clean island, even if it will fill up with papers again before the week's end
199. window clings made by my sweet princesses
200. scones, even if they do taste a little smokey

p.s.  i made three batches of scones this morn.  i was feeling like a regular holly homemaker until the butter from the second batch dripped onto the bottom of my oven and i nearly burned the house down.  ok...i'm exaggerating, but seriously, the ceiling in my kitchen needs to be painted now.  it's 40 degrees outside and i had all my doors and windows open.  at one point i thought we were all going to have to leave the house.  we just stayed low.

smoked meat--good; smoked bread--bad.

For more on "Attitude of Gratitude see this post.


  1. Did you ever use for verse-by-verse study?

  2. ever gone to good verse-by-verse studies. I'm trying to get to Ephesians, since our Sunday School is studying it, recently read it (during the Bible-thru order I was in), and you've mentioned it. But I get all these good lessons on chronological order of the Bible and rightly dividing the Word, and I've yet to start memorizing. You've inspired me! I gave my kiddos the challenge today: First to memorize Ephesians, gets $50. Arguably not the right motivation, but who cares, if it hides the Word :)

    1. I've never used either one of those sites, but i have used several on-line commentaries. it usually depends on what i'm studying. for revelation (in addition to beth moore) i used a bunch--david guzik's, j.vernon mcgee, marvin rosenthal, i can't remember what else off the top of my head. i usually just try to find people that i know have really studied the particular book or topic i'm studying. david guzik is just my go-to when i'm near the computer. i also have a new testament commentary that i use sometimes but it's not very in-depth. comes in handy occasionally. i have a bunch of good resources that i don't take full advantage of!

      i have to tell you, i laughed so hard about the $50...b/c i have used this tactic! just this week, i told the 5/6 grade class if they would memorize their verse i would reward them this morn with candy bars. gave same challenge for next week. whatever gets the word in! =)


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