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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Must-read

Just a couple of days I ago I spoke about brokenness.  And the awesome filling up that comes after being completely broken down.  Then today, Ann Voskamp had a guest, Sarah Mae, write for her and she said this:

When You Give Up, and You Break, You've Made It

"...But here comes the upside, the so unbelievably bright side: when you are just done, and broken, and tired, you’ve made it.
"You are now about to experience the most profound, amazing, life-altering, freedom and grace that will set you so free you are going to fly.
"I mean it.
"I mean it.
"When you are broken enough and tired enough and angry enough that you just can’t mold yourself, fix yourself, do better, be better, when you are just done, grace is lavished on you like nothing you’ve ever experienced."

You really must read the rest.  She says so succinctly what took me about 30 paragraphs to say.  (No big surprise there.)  But it sure was nice to hear it echoed.  I knew I wasn't crazy.  At least not completely.

Indeed, "brokenness is what I long for; brokenness is what I need."  ("Holiness" by Sonicflood)

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