My Fab Fam

My Fab Fam
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sick and Silly

Big girl has had a high fever since Sunday night.  
This is WEDNESDAY.  
She has been down for the count, getting up to play only twice.  
A person can only take so much TV before becoming temporarily insane.  
We have hit insanity.  
Here is the evidence:

She just couldn't manage a serious look for too long...

Big girl, being sick, needed a lot of encouragement to have even one pic taken.  
Even sick, she is still adorable...

Me, on the other hand...
Well, I am not sick, but this is me, the REAL me, on sick/snow days, pre-shower, trying to get my very serious investigator look on...

Scary, eh?

The evidence of my insanity is not in the pics (alone), but in the fact that I am posting them.

And my favorite:

Insanity is lots of fun.

 (Thanks, Sissa, for our fun disguises.)

And, shortly after the fun, big girl zonked.

How does a momma describe the smile in her heart?

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