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Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm Still Standing...

(yah, yah, yah)

Yes, I was a bit under the weight of it all last time I posted.  And even again the next night I felt really heavy before I went to bed.  But, as I told my man then, "It will be better in the morning."  And I meant it.  Because not only does sheer exhaustion skew my perception of reality--and I'm always exhausted at night--but also the morning brings new opportunities to get it right and new mercies.

And the next morning was better.

Though you may hear me lamenting lost opportunities and berating myself for my shortcomings one day, you can pretty much bet that the next day, the next hour, or maybe even the next minute, I'll be back on my feet.  Not because of anything in me.  Noooooo.  I am not able to pick myself up...but God.  God is ever so faithful to lift my head, gently speak the the truth over me, and set me right again.

I'm a mess.  And although a-dear-lady-who-shall-remain-nameless-but-knows-who-she-is (yes, you) ;-) does not like to hear me say this, and even disagrees with me, it is the truth.  Life evidence has convinced me this is the truth.  Every second apart from God finds me a mess.  Every second I try to do things on my own, I mess up a little.  But, through crazy redemption, God can even use my failures for good and for His glory.  And when I actually keep my eyes on Him, wow! Those times are good.  No, I mean it, good.


To be desired or approved of.
That which is morally right; righteousness.
Well: "my mother could never cook this good".
adjective.  nice - kind - fine
noun.  benefit - profit - advantage - avail - welfare - use
adverb.  well - nicely - fine - right - okay
(Thank you, Google.)

God is good, to be desired, morally right, righteous, and kind.

He makes our moments good, morally right, righteous, and filled with kindness.  Those are the moments to be desired, the ones with Him.  And I desire that every moment is filled with Him, lived in an awareness of Him.  One day.  (Pausing to imagine that, ask for that...)

He's insanely patient with us when we forget Him, but let's try to keep our eyes on Him every second.  Apart from Him we have no good thing, not even one moment.  Don't believe me?  Take a gander at Psalm 16:2.

Hoping your week is filled with visions of His goodness!  Happy Monday!



the second day of the week, following Sunday.
before 1000; Middle English Mone n day, Old English mōn an dæg,  translation of Late Latin lūnaediēs  moon's day

I'm sorry, but I can be such a geek.  I typed "Monday," and my immediate thought was, "Where do our words for the days of the week come from?"  And, being the geek that I am, I started digging.  I didn't have to dig far.  And, did you catch it?  "Lunaedies" or "Moon's day."  Monday.  Moonday.  What a great reminder for the beginning of each week!  Let me do that in all caps...


We are just a rock without Him.  But with Him, oh!  Oh!  We have purpose!

Be a moon!  Bask in the light of the Son.  Reflect the light of the Son!  Look to Him, soak Him up, then let Him bounce on off and onto those around us!  Glow with His goodness!  

Have a "moon" kind of week friends!

Everything is about Him.  Just everything.

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