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My Fab Fam
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Here are some really cool things that I am thankful for today...

1)  Opportunities to teach even though I've temporarily given up full-time teaching.

I am helping Mrs. Sally on Sunday mornings.  She teaches 5th and 6th grade and needed one more helper.  It is a perfect fit for all of us.  Her current helper will be leaving in a few weeks to winter in Florida.  Although Sally wants to do the majority of the teaching, she still needs someone who is available to sub when she's not there.  She also gets there early but has to leave early because she sings in the choir.  I, on the other hand, am always late, but I can stay after class to clean up since she has to rush off.  We've decided we'll be a perfect team!  =)

Our AWANA leader has asked for a different adult to lead Council Time each Sunday night; tonight I get to share a short lesson with the kiddos.  Yah!  I prepared the lesson yesterday, "Cleaning the Temple."  The lesson is based on 2 Chronicles 29 where Hezekiah purifies the temple.  I am going to talk about how the temple that Solomon built was where God's presence dwelled during those days and ask the kids where His presence lives today.  I'm hoping someone will say, "In us!"  Then we're going to talk about what types of things need to be cleaned out of our temple:  pride, unforgiveness (yes, spellcheck!  I say that's a word!), selfishness, lying, etc.  I'm going to let the kids help me come up with the list and talk about how we clean those things out of our temple--through prayer, and being in the word, worshiping, and even seeking help from other Christians when we need to.

2)  My pastor's sermon this morning.

Get this.  Dr. Joe's sermon was on revival, drawn from 2 Chronicles 7:14:  "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land."  And a large part of the sermon was based on the story of Josiah cleaning out the temple (also in 2 Chronicles), and how this parallels each of us cleaning out our temples.  I mean, is that not CRAZY?  I love when God reiterates the same lesson to me, over and over.  Maybe I'll get this one.

3)  An over-all awesome time with my church family.

From Mrs. Sally's lesson to the fifth and sixth graders' participation and comments; from the testimony of one of our deacons to the video about all things being possible with God; from the music to the sermon; from the extended prayer time to the salvation of one little girl; it was good.

4)  A gift card.

My sister says we (me, my man, and our girls) get more gift cards than anyone she knows.  I think she may be right.  We ate lunch today on a gift card.  Thankful for God's generosity.

5)  Fall.

Two days ago officially marked the beginning of fall.  And it couldn't feel anymore like fall than it has these past few days.  I love this weather!

My man and I worked on the house yesterday--caulking windows, hanging more trim, and fixing other miscellaneous things here and there--while our girls napped and then joined us outside to play.  The girls invited a little neighbor over to play that they had never played with before.  We stayed out late and soaked up the warm sunshine.

And we came right back out again today.  Big girl is coloring quietly beside me as I type.  Or maybe she's watching the hummingbirds.

And I'm watching her.

I absolutely love fall.

Today, I choose joy.

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