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Thursday, June 28, 2012

His Mercies are New Every Morning

Just in case I started to forget that Love is greater than my mistakes, Max Lucado thought he would send me a reminder this morning.  Here is the devotional I found in my inbox.  And it is a perfect follow-up to yesterday's post.

Dry mouth.  Moist palms.  Pulse pounding!  Eyes darting over your shoulder.  Heart in your throat.  You know the feeling…you know the moment.  You know exactly what it’s like.  Policemen have stirred more prayers than a thousand pulpits!
Upward prayers become backward thoughts.  What did I do?  How fast was I going?  Then, the policeman is standing at your door.  No one likes the thought of judgment.
I John 4:17 says, “Perfect love expels all fear.”  You need never fear God’s judgment.  Not today.  Not on Judgment Day.  With perfect knowledge of the past and perfect vision of the future, he loves you perfectly in spite of both.
Jesus is speaking on your behalf.  “That’s my friend,” he says.  And when he does, the door of heaven opens.
Trust God’s love.  His perfect love.  It can handle your fear of judgment.
And slower driving can handle your fear of policemen!

Thank you, Max!

If you love Max as much as I do, you can sign up to get a thought from him each day at  Enjoy!

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