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My Fab Fam
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life as it's known on Facebook, 2011

This is the continuation of this post:  Life, as it's known on Facebook, 2010.

January 17

Angela Thomas coming to Madisonville in September...

Jan 18

thought i might have over-dosed my child on ibuprofen until i found out i would have to give 35 teaspoons at once to meet the "danger" limit! i think we're safe. LOL. thank you poison control hotline! 

Jan 19

my hubby is quite the handy man...i can roll my window up and down, thanks, honey!

Jan 20

"Go in the strength you have." Judges 6:14.

Jan 21

ATTN: Naomi Ladies:
Tonight's social has been cancelled. Check your email for info.

[Naomi was the name of the Bible study class I taught.]

Jan 23

I'm constantly saying to Emma in response to her requests for my attention, "It's gonna be just a minute; I'm cooking [picking up, feeding Greta, etc.] right now." So, yesterday...
ME: "Emma, let's go!" 
EMMA: "Well, it's gonna be just a minute. I'm playing right now."
Cooking. Playing. To her it's all the same.

Jan 29

went to the store while heath watched the girls. after carrying in all the groceries, emma asked, "why are there so many?"
"because i had a lot of groceries to buy."
emma: "do they have anymore?"
me: "who?"
emma: "the store."

Jan 29

I wonder if God feels this way when he has to discipline us.

Jan 30

g saw e coming down the hall and reached out w/both hands, then threw them around e's neck and squeezed tight. first time i'd ever seen her do that, to anybody. nothing sweeter.

Jan 31

It's official...I'm deleting my FB account. i say "my" b/c heath was hardly ever on here. The repeated changes to privacy settings, added to the fact that I will always spend more time on here than I can justify, has made up my mind. tootles, all. it was short-lived but it was fun. jaimee 

[It was a short-lived break, too.]

May 15

aaaak! got on here tonight to download my videos of emma off FB onto my computer so i could FINALLY delete my FB account...have spent hours on here and still don't have my videos on my computer! can anyone tell me if there's another way to do this WITHOUT downloading firefox and grease monkey? otherwise, i may eternally have a FB account that i never check just so i don't lose these videos!

June 26

well, she's about 6 months slower than emma, but greta's finally starting to talk in phrases...this afternoon at lunch heath got up and she said, "daddy go?" just now she woke from nap and hollered over and over, "mommy! want out!"

July 3

just watched wonder people loved him! his story is inspiring & nearly unbelievable! talk about running with perseverance (heb 12:1)!!! another testament to our God! ties in PERFECTLY with my Bible study lesson tomorrow!

July 6

random thoughts (in honor of katy): i just made my first batch of sourdough; suddenly great harvest's bread is worth $5. emma has a friend named Bon; he is her hand. we put the girls together in emma's bed 2nite 4 a trial run; emma kept mothering, "dreta, don't be scared...dreta, don't move in my bed, you'll fall out, yes dreta, it will hurt...dreta, lay down..."

[My friend, Katy, is always posting three or four unrelated random thoughts or things her kids have done.  Her posts are always super-cute.]

July 9, posted to my wall by my friend, Tammy C.:

I'm not giving up on a tea date with you! I can't even tell you where I've been lately because it's been a God journey on "fast forward" but I promise to curl up on your couch with a cup of tea soon for us catch up on our lives:) -Tammy

July 16, posted to my wall by my friend, Jackie G., who had moved away:

Miss you....BUNCH!

July 16

choc cookies & banana bread in my belly...sourdough rising in pans (woo-hoo!)...time alone (heath took girls on errands)...visiting a friend this afternoon...ALL rare treats make for a super good weekend. 

July 16

my three favorite things...and the tie e gave her daddy 4 father's day.

Photo: my three favorite things...and the tie e gave her daddy 4 father's day.

July 16

the chimneys

Photo: the chimneys

July 16

g always does this when she's hand in mouth, one in some hair (preferably someone else's) 
Photo: g always does this when she's hand in mouth, one in some hair (preferably someone else's)  =)

July 16

vacation-may 2011 (27 photos)

e's fascinated by the catepillar
g's fascinated by the rocks

strawberry-banana pancakes

pancake pantry

downtown gburg


g was NOT comfortable w/this

Clingman's Dome

[I'm looking scary here.]

final stop:  sissa's and cece's

sweet cece's


one tired little girl


That wraps up our vacay pix.

And that's a wrap for tonight.  More from 2011 tomorrow.  Or next month.

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