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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life, as it's known on Facebook, 2010

In the craziness of life, I rarely sit down long enough to open the computer.  I do, however, have my phone in hand many times throughout the day.  So, in the absence of many blog posts, I have found myself recording quick clips of life on my phone's FB app.  So I have all my favorite memories in one place, I've decided to copy/paste old FB posts here, over the course of a few posts.

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...

I "joined" Facebook in 2010.  One of my first posts:

May 11:

trepidation's gone...i must admit i am having much fun reconnecting w/old friends...FB can be a wonderful thing...yes, i said it...  jme

May 23:

it was all i could do to keep myself in the pew this morning!!! wasn't it a "great day for praising the Lord?" only one thing: I think Bill needs to designate a dance floor for a few of us that sit down in the left corner...we want to praise w/our whole bodies!!! 

May 26:

while living in cincinnati, i attended a worship service that will forever stand out in my mind...had barely crossed the threshold before an overwhelming sense of God's presence hit me...made me want to dance...and then noticed one of the choir members was dancing!!!! (yes, it was a baptist church.)  worshipping at FBC sunday, i felt exactly the same way! soooo praying for revival...

June 4:

[This was attached to a video.  Wish FB would let you share videos outside of FB, like in an email!]

even tho' u can't see the words on the page, she is telling the story word for word! it is her fave story; we have to read it every night before bed. :)

June 14:

celebrating 7 years of marriage today!!! thankful...

and on the same day, my man posted on my page:

hi-jacking "our" fb page for just a moment to say that i love my wife. 7 years!!!!!!! 

I love you... where would I be without you? Wait, don't answer that. 

June 19:

As a proud parent that loves to share the cute things Emma says and does, I can't help but wonder if God sometimes looks around at all the angels and says, "Did you see that?!Did you hear her? Isn't she something?!"  We surely must humor Him sometimes.

July 2:

[a post by my man]

taking our oldest to the movies for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 12:

oh wow! my husband and 4 friends did some excellent concrete work today! half a driveway down! after watching, i said i didn't know what a big job this would be; they said they did and they volunteered anyway. that could make them crazy or really good guys. my vote: REALLY good guys! same for the two that helped saturday! much gratitude...

July 23:

knowing so many who are struggling w/various things right now...a song by keith & kristyn getty comes to mind:
Jesus, draw me ever nearer as I labor thru this storm, you have called me to this passage and i'll follow tho' i'm worn...may this journey bring a blessing, may I rise on wings of faith, and at the end of my heart's testing, with your likeness let me wake...

August 2:

sweet and rare moment with emma last night...putting her to bed, she said, "i want you to hold me," she sat up and we hugged...while hugging, she said again, "i want you to hold me," i said, "i am holding you!" she said, "i want to fall asleep in your arms." ahhhh...i rocked her (almost) to sleep for the first time in maybe a year...yes, mom, it's in the book... 

August 11:

sitting in floor w/greta this morn, expecting her to crawl any second, but she reaches another milestone first: going from lying down to sitting up all by herself. my baby's getting so big!

praying for all the mommas, poppas, kiddos, and teachers this morn...

[Must have been the first day of school.]

August 12:

please, LORD, let it rain! even if it means crashing lightening and thunder that wakes my girls! (those of you that know how much this momma guards nap times understand how desperately i want rain!)

[Yeah!  It must have been some more drought.]

August 14:

August 22:

August 26:

August 26:

August 28:

Think she had fun? Dora at the zoo!!!

[And on that same day my man posted...]

My wife had fun too!

September 5:

There's a train waiting to be painted, but the weather and the hummingbirds are keeping me glued to this chair. LOVIN' my deck, my laptop, girls' naptime, snickerdoodle coffee (thanks d & t), hummingbird feeder (thanks i), and these temps (thanks, Lord)! (Sarah, tomorrow's still my deadline; it might be a late night in the garage with toby mac!)  ~jme

September 11:

last week it was "mommy, she's getting my pieces!" this morning: "she's following me...ahhhhhh! ahhhhhhhhh!!!" and it begins.  jme

October 24:

it's a great day to feel less than perfect...rainy outside makes it extra cozy inside...on the couch w/a blanket and cup o'tea...a lazy day w/tv and fb. i really have missed being at church though; i love my church. 

November 3:


December 5:

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. (Jn 14:26) Tomorrow's (or should I say today's) lesson on claiming, through faith, the promises God's given us. Perfect timing from the perfect Father.

December 8:

as is my custom, i randomly told emma, "you are so beautiful," to which she replied, "we are all boo-tee-foo; God MAKES us boo-tee-foo." i hope she always believes that! 

December 21:

Greta: then and now

December 25:


And that's a wrap for 2010!

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