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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catharsis Postponed for This

A week ago I said the second part of my "Catharsis" was coming tomorrow.  We are now a week from "tomorrow" and part two has yet to be written.  And still, it won't come today.  Because I just feel the need to share this.  How do we respond to this?

Dr. Gosnell's Trial

Ann tells us here.

And all I can think of is this, "And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him..."

Lord, your children are begging you, use this for good in the lives of women who love you.  Women who feel like they are left with no choices.  May they trust you with what seems impossible.  May they see that the precious lives knit together inside of us are a gift.  To us, as the mommas.  And to us, as the ones knit together.  If one woman can read of this trial and have a heart change.  If one life that was once unwanted is now seen and accepted as a gift.  Even one.  Then what the enemy intended for evil, You will have once again used for good.  Act, Father!  We beg your mercy on us and beg You to reveal truth to us once again.  The enemy has tossed us a lie and we have accepted it.  Show us the horror of the lie we hold.  May we drop it quickly and run to You!  How desperately the world needs Jesus.  Please give those of us who are Your possession the great sense of urgency to share Your love with a hurting, dying world.  May we envelope our sisters with grace.  May we come alongside our sisters who choose life even when that life brings painful reminders or extreme difficulties.  Bless those sweet mommas for their trust in You and their faithfulness to do the hard thing.  May we be Your hands to carry them through the tough days.  May we speak words of encouragement; there is enough criticism.  May we offer words of life.  Thank You that Your Word is Life.  That Your Way is Life.  That You give us Life.  Life abundant.

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