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My Fab Fam
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

all things beans

quick update...

i made a big pot of black beans yesterday.  we ate them over rice with a side of sweet potato "fries" (baked) last night.  that isn't really that important, except it set me up for today...

i made jami nato's black bean brownies.  epic failure.  just fyi:  don't forget the sugar.  ugh.  i will try again, with sugar next time.  the texture was great, but it was like eating black beans with choc chips sprinkled on top.  not so great.

i also made jami's home-made whole wheat tortillas.  AWE-some.  and relatively easy.  time-consuming but easy.  we used 'em to roll up some of the left-over beans, rice and sweet potatoes, with sour cream and hot sauce.  i never would have tho't of putting sweet pots in my wrap, but it was yummy.  thanks again to jami nato for that one.

i ALSO made a new granola recipe.   AWE-some.  thanks alton brown.  i love you a little more with each one of your recipes.  seriously, if you all try this, you will never want boxed cereal again.  never.
(i omitted the coconut and almost doubled the oats so it wouldn't be quite as sweet, but if you love lots of sugary sweetness, i'm sure his ratios would be great!)

if one opinion isn't enough, my man says,

"i'll give you a pass on the tortillas, a triple A+ on the granola, and an F on the brownies."  i didn't even argue.  the brownies were g-ross!

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