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My Fab Fam
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

My heart was squeezed...

...when I read this post by Ann Voskamp.

This was seriously the longest blog post I've ever read (and I'm certainly not the queen of brevity); it took me about an hour to get through it (because I had to take breaks here and there to remind baby girl that it was time to go to sleep), was worth the time.  Struck me to the core.  Grab a cup of something hot and prepare yourself to hear some fresh truth...

To learn more about Ann, click here.

Update:  Sorry, I had the links wrong before!  You all are very patient with me!


Attitude of Gratitude:

62.  time with sisters in Christ.  oh. so. good.
63.  Bible study with my man.  even. better.
64.  sweet long moments, staring into my baby's eyes while i rub her face and she rubs mine
65.  dark, quiet peace
66.  time to journal
67.  courage to be honest
68.  affirmation to say the hard things
69.  God's consistency in reiterating a lesson until i get it
70.  "i love you too, mommy."
71.  warm supper waiting for us when we got home from church (thank you, my man.)

(those were from wednesday, these are for today...)

72.  divinely appointed mentors
73.  cold, sunny days
74.  quiet Sabbaths
75.  the Lord's Supper
76.  an impromptu Bible lesson at lunch about a talking donkey
77.  long monologues from my four-going-on-fourteen year-old
78.  footed PJ's
79.  this face:

80.  and this one:

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