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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Sauce Continues

Once again I wrote something I never posted.  This was written Saturday night.  And, if you're wondering, because I know you're not, we "shabbat-ed" Sunday by going swimming.  Now it's Monday, and my to-do list for the week seems daunting, but, as I read in 2 Samuel this morning, "With my God, I can scale a wall."  Amen?

I made batch two and three of what I am calling "Italian Sauce" tonight.  Yay, me!  I'm feeling pretty much awesome right now, as I sit and type at midnight, drinking mint tea, made with mint from my own garden, waiting for my last batch of sauce to thicken, so I can pour it in the jars.  Can I also jar this feeling?  For those days when I'm feeling not-so-awesome?  Like everyday, at some point, or many points in the day.  Liking all my commas?  That's because, I'm thinking really slowly.  It's, been, a, long, day.

The man and I are taking care of our friends' lawn while they are out of town for six weeks.  So, this morn we went straight there and he mowed and weeded with the weed-eater, while I watered their never-ending pots of flowers (lit-ra-lee takes an hour to water) and weeded by hand.  It was be-a-u-tee-ful outside today; so, working outside was fun.  I really wanted to jump in their pool afterwards, but, alas, I didn't have my bathing suit.  I seriously considered jumping in anyway.  Why didn't I?  That would have been really fun.  And much more exciting to tell.  I need more fun.

Then we came home and I harvested the garden and did laundry.  Lots, and, lots, of laundry.  Then I made sourdough biscuits with my new sourdough starter that is ridiculously awesome!!!!  It is just a slurry of flour and water, no sugar, my friends.  Tangy sourdough bread.  Yum.  (And sourdough biscuits.  And sourdough pizza crust.  And sourdough pretzels.  And sourdough bagels.  And I'm starting to sound like Forrest Gump...)

So, I made sourdough biscuits, fried bacon and eggs, cut up tomatoes, and my man made gravy, and we had breakfast for supper.  Yum again.

Then I put the girls to bed while my man went to see his cousin in the hospital.  I picked up.  I did dishes.  I made two batches of "Italian Sauce."  See, why I'm feeling awesome?  I am never (I mean never!) this productive.

OOOoooooh!  I just heard a pop!  One jar sealed. Four more to go.

So, why "Italian Sauce?" you may be asking.  Or you may not be asking, but I'll tell you anyway.  I use spaghetti sauce for everything.  I know some people differentiate; they'll use marinara for lasagna and bread sticks, pizza sauce for pizza, and so on.  I buy spaghetti sauce and use it for everything.  Mezzetta roasted garlic sauce.  And it goes on, in, or with anything that requires any type of red sauce.  It is the only sauce I have ever found that has NOTHING weird in it.  (And, no, I am not getting paid for this little advertisement, but I should!)

So, since I already use one sauce for everything Italian, I thought I would just call my homemade sauce "Italian Sauce," because it will be used for all things Italian.

If you remember in my last post, I said the sauce is yellow-orange when I pour it in the pot but turn red as it boils down, well, here's proof. The closest pot has just started cooking, while the back pot is nearly done. Weird, right?

In other useless news, my cat has become a lap cat.  In the course of one day, she has gone from aloof to snuggly.  Weird but wonderful.  She sat in my man's lap last night.  Then today when I sat on the couch she crawled into my lap.  And just now, while sitting at the kitchen table typing, she jumped up and tried to get comfy in my lap again.  Unfortunately, I had to get up to stir the sauce.  I hope I haven't just ruined the good thing we have going with her.  You know how cats are, one wrong move, and they are done with ya.

Well, it's late and I'm tired from all this productivity, so I'm off here.  All this productivity may have been possible because I know tomorrow is my "slouchy" day, as my sister calls it.  We will go to church, then come home and nap.  We may go swimming or watch movies or play outside or read books, but I will do no work tomorrow, because, it's the Sabbath, y'all.  Just in case I haven't shared this awesome lil tidbit before, have you heard where that word comes from?

Sabbath comes from -> shabbat which means -> "ceasing" or "stopping."

Tomorrow I stop.  I cease all work.  I shabbat.  It's an awesome feeling knowing I have this day of rest coming.  Maybe that's why I'm feeling so awesome. 

Night, all.

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