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Sunday, September 21, 2014

GREEN Cookies!

If you read yesterday, you may already know I baked "Everything Cookies."  I made up a recipe and put a little bit of everything in it, and a really yummy cookie came out of the oven, and we all ate two immediately, and the rest sat to cool until we all decided to eat some more after supper several hours later.  The Mr. and younglings watched some Star Wars (sigh of surrender) and each had two more cookies while I cleaned up the kitchen.  We put the girls to bed and I sat down on the couch with my "I made it to the end of another day" prize:  two cookies with milk, and hot tea and water for later.  (What can I say?  I planned on being there a while and I drink a lot.)  I took a bite of a cookie, and immediately spit it back out, because this is what I saw:

I slowly tilted my head then asked the Mr, "Why is the inside of my cookie GREEN?"

He kinda turned his lips down in a slight shrug, and went on reading, completely unperturbed, while I dashed off to the kitchen to check the other cookies.  Cookie after cookie, when broken in half, turned out to be green in the middle.  I immediately thought, "I fed these to my KIDS!"  I was torn between being perplexed and distraught!  What do I do when I'm perplexed or distraught?  Google it, of course.

Surprisingly, as I typed in "cookies turned g..." the search bar filled in the rest.  Okay, I thought, this is at least common enough for Google to expect my question.  Guess what?  There were numerous images of green cookies and page after page of discussions about this strange phenomenon.  Even SunButter's website addresses it HERE and HERE.

Turns out, sunflower seeds have chlorophyll in them that reacts with baking soda/powder when heated and results in the green color when cooled.  SunButter assures us "the cookies are still perfectly edible and safe to consume."

Still. Weird, right? I have eaten them again today, but if I'm honest (and I'm all about keeping it REAL up in here), it is a little bit of "an appetite squelcher," as even SunButter's website admits.

Here's to yummy, strange, green, everything cookies.  Happy eating, my sunbutter lover friends.

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