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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

70th, 7th or 18th

My momma turns 70 today!  Or maybe it's the 18th.  Her birth certificate says she was born on the 18th, but her momma (my grandmomma) told her that she was born on the 7th.  My momma is ancient.  ;-)  She was born back in the day when midwives delivered most babies, and not just the hippy-momma babies.  (I say that with all love, since I seriously considered using a midwife.)  And the midwife was the one who sent off for the birth certificates in those days.  It's totally possible the midwife submitted the wrong date. grandmomma had 9 kids, so it's also possible that she got the dates confused.  (If she was anything like me, then that's a likely explanation.)  But since my momma's always celebrated on the 7th, today's post is dedicated to her.

My sister found a gift idea on the great interweb and asked us (me, my siblings, our hubbies/wives, and kiddos) to tell her why we love our momma; she was going to take all our reasons and compile them into a gift from all of us.  I, being the great observant person that i am...not...replied to her email without looking at the link she sent us.  So, I had no idea what the final gift was going to look like or that I was only supposed to give one reason that I love my momma.  ONE.  Being the queen of longevity, this is what I sent her:

Why I love Mom:
She carried me in utero for 9 (more likely 10) long months.
She diapered me, fed me, bathed me, clothed me, held me, rocked me, sang to me, bandaged me, removed ticks, de-liced me, cleaned up my vomit...shall I go on?
She encouraged me.
She disciplined me.
She was in my business when I didn't want her, but needed her.
She read Bible stories to me every night.
She rubbed my arm.
She taught me respect:  she threatened to slap my face if I talked back to her again.
She taught me humility and teamwork:  she swatted my bottom when I was obstinate (and argued with my sister over who should clean what in our bedroom).
She fought to get me in a higher reading class, to keep me in a school play, and to get me back in UK even after the deadline had passed.
She came to my piano recitals, band concerts, awards ceremonies, choir programs, school programs, and even my rainy, freezing cold band shows.
She drove me to and picked me up from school every day.
She taught me responsibility:  She put me on the bus without my shoes.
She taught me about Jesus.
She taught me to value His Word:  "Never set anything on top of the Bible," but it's okay to keep it in the bathroom.  =)
She got me, and all five of my siblings, to church every Sunday, all by herself.
She refused to listen to me and bought me a car when I was content to ride a bike to class and to work.
She sacrificed (how much I'll never know) to see that I got a college education.
She helped me move a zillion times.
She took care of me after two c-sections so I could focus on taking care of my new babies.
She selflessly put aside her own wants to give her family what we needed.
She lets me call and vent when I'm having a bad day.
She's there for cooking tips, parenting advice, and life wisdom.
She loves me just because I'm me.
She is stronger than she thinks she is.
She is selfless, generous, kind, and faithful.
She is my momma.

And today I'd just like to add these:

She understands my insecurities and my bad moods.
She forgives my bad attitude.

(She knows why I'm adding those, and that's really all that matters.)

Since there was no way my sis could have used all my reasons (without omitting some of the others'), I thought I would just share them all now.  And there are so many more, but how do you list all the reasons you love your momma?

And, after I realized we were only supposed to list one reason, I asked my man and girls to tell me why they loved my momma too.  Here are their responses:

From my big girl:

Why I love Ma-ma:
"I love her because she loves me."

From my baby girl:
Why I love Ma-ma:
"Because I love her."

From my man:
Why I love [my mother-in-law]:
"She had you," he said to me; then he gave his real answer:  "The amount of love she has for your family."

So, from me and mine...

Happy birthday, Mommy Diann!!!!  =)

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone how old you are.  These lips are sealed!


And for those of you that are crafty, here's the link to the 70th birthday gift idea:

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