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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Working Momma Recipes

I went back to work outside the home this week. I am now a CIA at my girls' school. It is fun. And exhausting. And exciting. And chaotic. And stressful. And...I love it.

I love being on a schedule and getting up before the fam and having quiet time and being ready before anyone else gets up. I love being in the same building with my girls and getting hugs in the hallway. I love that I have a job that is on the same schedule as my kiddos; I go in when they do and walk out with them, and I'm off on the days they are off.

I don't love being completely pooped when I get home at three o'clock. But I have discovered that I have energy to get through the night on the days I work out after school. But I have also discovered that working out is hard because my classes are at 4 and 5 pm, right when we are normally fixing and/or eating supper.

I have also discovered that the crock pot is my very good friend. And a crock pot meal that can lead to several more meals is an even better friend. And, this week I am thankful for Ree Drummond, who gave me three recipes in one. And I added a few twists of my own; so, I had five days of meals from one crock. Woot woot!

Tuesday night I soaked a pot of black beans. Wednesday morning I put the soaked beans in the crock pot. Since that day we have used the black beans to make three-bean chili, chili/chips/cheese, taco pizza, and black bean veggie wraps.

Here are the recipes I've used:

Black Beans

Three Bean Chili

Taco Pizza with my go-to quick and easy pizza crust recipe

Black Bean Veggie Wraps with Mango Guacamole

This week is:

Monday: left-overs from our meal at the Olive Garden tonight

Tuesday: Potato/Sausage/Kale soup

Wednesday: left-over soup

Thursday: something with chicken

Friday: ???

This is my idea of a weekday dinner plan, which really means I have no plan other than for one night. Ha.

And in between working and trying to keep my family fed and clothed - preferably in clean clothes - we are building a house. We now have a basement. After this week we should have a foundation for our garage and front porch. And after next week, we should be framed!!!

One last funny thought from my G-girl I will leave with you this night...

We received a movie in the mail on Friday from Netflix. I thought I had ordered a movie the girls would enjoy: Little Women. I read the description to the girls:

"Louisa May Alcott's beloved novel comes to life in this sensitive, soulful adaptation. Four sisters and their mother battle life's vicissitudes in Civil War-era America after their father leaves to join the conflict."

Then I said, "Hmmm...maybe this isn't something you all would like."

G said, "It sounds real. And gray."

E and I cocked our heads. Then realization dawned on both of us at the same time. As I began to laugh, E said, "You mean black and white?" G laughed as she said, "Yes, I mean black and white."

Hahaha! I admitted it did sound real (non-animated) and gray (black and white). Love her little mind.

And...we rented Charlotte's Web.

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