My Fab Fam

My Fab Fam
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Thoughts

My house has come undone. 
There is at least a load of dishes on my counters and in my sink, if not two. 
I would not even want to count the loads of laundry waiting to be washed. 
And there is more waiting to be folded, or ironed, then put away. 
The bathtub is grimy from the dirt of feet that have run bare in the summer grass. 
And covers and toys and books are strewn everywhere. 
Oh, and I won't even mention the garden. 
But I will share a picture of the weeds, trying to catch up with our 9-foot-tall corn.

And still, I love it.

We have horse-riding lessons, 

a new piece of property to mow and weed-eat, 

books to read, movies to watch, parks to visit, 

ice cream to make, a volcano to explode, veggies to pick/cook/share, 

fireflies to catch, games to play, family and friends to visit, 
(here we are in Pop's pool with the cuz)

and our friends' pool that beckons every time the sun shines 
(which hasn't been often since we are experiencing record-setting rain falls for this time of year).

And while we are on the subject...
Big girl learned to swim yesterday! Yay!!!

I have three weeks until both of my babies go to school. Have I mentioned that my baby baby starts Kindergarten this year??? I can hardly imagine what I will do with 7 uninterrupted hours 5 days a week! I think I might cry for a few of them. But until then, we will laugh, play, swim, lie in pajamas all day, and dodge piles of laundry as we head out of doors to squeeze every last bit of fun out of our last three weeks of summer.

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