My Fab Fam

My Fab Fam
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the summary continues

averaging a post every five days.  not enough!  want to remember things that have happened.  snapshots...

mother's day.  or the day before.
my man took the girls to lowe's on saturday.  they came home and wrapped a long box.  when asked, i had said, "blender."  but this was long, not tall.  not a blender.  he talked big girl into letting me open; she wanted me to wait.  this was no blender.  it was a ninja!  we put it to work right away...
shaved iced--covered with our home-made lemonade
cut the butter into the flour for apricot white-chocolate scones
i love this thing!  and finally got to toss the barely-working, oil-leaking 15 year-old blender in the garbage tote.

mother's day.
compassion sunday at church.  6 kiddos were sponsored.  6 kiddos will hear the gospel at the compassion center.  6 kiddos will experience the love of Jesus through letters and monetary gifts and prayers.  

went to aunt becky's.  burgers and hugs, laughs and monkey bars.  big girl is getting so big.

even later...
went to lowe's.  bought flowers for nana's planters.  went to nana's.  planted flowers in nana's planters.  hands in dirt = good times.

even later...
tears over the very daunting task of being a momma to these beauties.

we didn't get out of our pj's.  good day that started off with more tears but ended with blessed assurance.  in between:  dancing to toby mac, painting nails, calling from room to room with walkie-talkies, and my fave--fashion shows (walking down the hallway in scarves, sun visors, toboggans, house shoes, and the like while the other two of us cheer wildly).

girls went to a b-day party recently at a place, of which i knew absolutely nothing until we walked in the door.  two girls in salon chairs, pink hair, make-up, getting their nails painted.  after all girlies were sprayed and painted, they went behind a curtain, dressed up, and "modeled" for all the parents. can't say i love this, but boy, my girls did!  do!  want to do fashion shows all the time.  oh my.  =)

quiet time spoke over and over to my fears.  He is ever so good to me.  fresh confidence for the day....which included making bread with a friend, walking through her beautiful garden, and then coming home to work on my humble one.  patio extension project underway.  seriously fun time with my man.

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